Ambrosia Vitality Magazine

HaliKali Canada is very pleased to announce a new partnership with Vitality Magazine.

Vitality has been the trusted source for natural health solutions since 1989.

HaliKali has been providing 100% Raw Bee Bread to the health-food market since 2002.

 Bee Bread is a natural item of food and one of the oldest known dietary supplements in the world.

 Here are several reasons why one would eat 1 teaspoon of Bee Bread every morning:

-       liver regenerator;

-       muscle replenisher;

-       endurance enhancer;

-       enhances the immune system (antioxidant properties);

-       improves oxygen intake and boosts performance (athletics);

-       accelerates recovery time in training;

-       relieves physical and mental fatigue;

-       regulates the digestive tract; etc.

 Please read Vitality's current digital issue for precious information about the benefits of eating 100% Raw Bee Bread superfood.

Vitality Magazin - Jun/July 2019