Q1.  How can Bee Bread Superfood help fight allergies?

A1.   Bee Bread reduces the presence of histamine, alleviating many allergies and irritations, including seasonal allergies, asthma, sinus problems and a wide range of respiratory diseases.

Bee Bread protects mast cells of the organisms from degranulation that is from releasing histamine which is the exponent of allergic reactions.


Q2.  Does Bee Bread interact with prescription medication?

A2.   No. Bee Bread is an item of food.


 Q3.  Who can benefit of the nutritional properties of the Bee Bread superfood?

 A3.   Nutritional properties of Bee Bread and the regulating metabolic processes are used, among others, in the cases of children's lack of appetite, developmental delay, and malnutrition of children and adults.

Moreover, it is recommended to eat Bee Bread in the recovery period, after surgeries.

Bee Bread superfood should also be on the superfood list of people working hard physically and mentally.


 Q4.  I work in a hazardous environment. Can I benefit of Bee Bread’s unique properties?

 A4.   The adaptogenic properties of Bee Bread, which are based on increasing the resistance to harmful physical, chemical, and biological factors have been indicated in many scientific tests.

Bee Bread is both:

I. increasing the physical fitness of the organism in excessive physical burden, affecting the central nervous system by improving brain functions, such as memory, learning, comprehending, thinking, and ability to concentration, and

II. increasing the immune system strengths against infection en route, boosting the immunological system.


Q5.  Can I take Bee Bread while on antidepressants?

A5.   Bee Bread, administered alongside antidepressants, enables the lowering of their doses and improves the overall condition in a short period of time.

Due to this fact, there are fewer cases of drug addictions or occurrences of side effects.

Owing to its nutritional and tonic properties as well as improvement of blood supply to nervous tissue, Bee Bread boosts mental capacity and strengthens the nervous system weakened by stress or overworking.

Bee Bread is therefore effective in treating physical and mental overtiredness, asthenia, and apathy.


Q6.  Bee Bread and older people.

A6.   Good effects are gained in depressions caused by decreased life energy in senior people.

Long term use of small amounts of Bee Bread enables gradual mood improvement, restores the desire to live, and strengthens the organism physically.

Good results of treatment with  Bee Bread were gained in geriatrics in the symptoms of early old age as well as in neurasthenic inertia in older people.


Q7.  I am pregnant. Can I take Bee Bread?

A7.   Yes, Bee Bread will nicely complement your diet and mineral intake.


Q8.  Can I give Bee Bread to children less than 2 years old?

 A8.   Yes, Bee Bread is safe to give to infants.